Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

What is Breeasy Money?

Breeasy Money is a web based application that helps freelancers, contractors, consultants, and folks with side gigs track their time, expenses, and create invoices, and time sheets. It can also help you manage your cash, track past due invoices, and collect expense reimbursements.

Why was it created?

It was created because the founder of Breeasy needed a tool to keep track of their time, and didn't like the options available. Even though many clients had their own systems, he wanted one that helped manage the clients and support other consultants. It's been in use for over 18 months before the January 2017 launch.

Who created it?

It was created by a business consultant and long-time freelancer with multiple clients and accounts. Having spent the last 15 years working directly for clients, for agencies, recruiters, and managing startups, this Breeasy Money handles it all.

I can track my hours on my freelance or agency platform - What's the difference?

Sure, but that only works for their clients. Up to 75% of freelancers time is spent marketing and learning. Breeasy Money tracks all your hours and lets you compare and see how you spend your time - not just the time in your freelance network or platform. Plus it's your data, you can always access it - or request it in a file format anytime.

What about support - am I on my own when I have questions?

All paid plans include support. Give us a call and we'll help.

Why no mobile apps?

The first generation Breeasy was written to be responsive - that means it will work on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

How many plans are there?

There are 3 paid plans and one Free Version.

What are the limits of the Free Version?

The Free version of Breeasy doesn't have an expiration date, nor requires a credit card. We won't nag you to upgrade; if you need more you can easily upgrade. There is no advertising in the Free version, but that may change. Our Free version has monthly limits on the number of invoices, expense reports, timesheet and expense sheet entries that can be entered. Based on experience, this should work for most new consultants and our plans offer an affordable upgrade path.

Is it an Accounting System?

No, not in a true sense. It's designed with cash flow in mind, not reporting. The quicker you can enter hours, create and send invoices, the faster you are paid. Invoices can easily be entered into an accounting system. Future versions will integrate with popular online accounting services.

Is it secure? Is my data safe?

In addition to a consultant, the founder of Breeasy is also involved in the cyber security and data protection space. Every possible secure technology has been implemented and all passwords are secure and encrypted.

Is there Money-Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. If your not satisfied in the first 30 days, we'll refund you 100%

Is my Information Private?

Yes. All information you provide to Breeasy is only used by you and cannot be accessed by any other Breeasy users. Breeasy will contact you at the email address provided when your account was established. Your information will not be shared with any other party.

Is this it for Breeasy?

Heck no. This is just the beginning. And every paid subscription will include new features as they are created and added. Being a freelancer can be a lonely and frustrating occupation - it's vision to remove the pain with great apps and technology.