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Our mission is to help you better serve your clients

You love what you do and we love helping you do it easier.

“Breeasy Money is built by a freelancer and is perfect for the time-based economy. It's easy, complete, and full-featured. You don't have time to waste and we are here for you whenever you need help. Take control of your time, you'll be glad you did.”

TJ O'Brien, Freelancer and Founder

Breeasy is a platform for Freelancers, Consultants, and Contractors. It started as project for a consultant that needed a way to improve productivity, track time, create invoices and manage projects. After a few years, he decided to make it available to others. There is a lot here and and a lot planned. We invite you to checkout our products, and join our mailing list for updates, specials, and interesting changes and commentary regarding the gig economy.

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