Expense Management

Expenses tend to creep up and can catch you by surprise. Get a handle on them.

Expense Management

Expenses. Definitely not the fun part of freelancing and working on multiple gigs. Having details about every expense can ease the burden, and make reimbursements quicker.

With Breeasy Money, you can track standard expenses by client, category, project, and location. Upload a receipt, and add a description. Driving expenses are per Km or mile, and are can calculated automatically. Entering expenses is easy and quick with on page help.

Tracking expenses is half the battle. You can create client based expense reports, or add reimbursable expenses to client invoices to keep everything in one place and easy for your clients. If expenses are not reimbursable by your client, you can track those too.

  • Standard and Driving Expenses
  • Multiple expense categories and payment types
  • Expense Reporting and Cash Management
  • Track Expense Reimbursements by Client, User, and Project

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