Take Control of Your Time and Money

Make it easy with Breeasy

Track Your Time

Billable, Non-Billable, Agency, Recruiter, and Internal Hours all tracked to the minute with easy to use forms. Categorize time for reporting.

Create Invoices

Time tracking is awesome, but can it be easily transformed to client friendly invoices? Yes with a couple clicks you can create accurate hourly rate invoices and time sheets.

Take Control and Get Paid Faster

Time is money. What you can't wait for is an accounting system to generate an invoice. The quicker you can deliver an invoice the faster you're paid.

Manage Expenses

Time Management and Invoicing is great, but expenses add up fast. You can track expenses, upload receipts, track mileage and add these to your invoices, create seperate expense invoices, or submit expense reports. It's all tracked and managed for you.

Simple, Safe, Secure

Your data is only accessible by you, or by someone you grant access too. All data is yours and portable for any purpose you need. All passwords and sensitive data is encrypted, and all access via HTTPS.

Support Whenever You Need It

Paid plans include priority phone, online, and chat support. You're not alone.

Breeasy Money - the only time, expense, and invoice app you'll ever need.

Easy to Use With Tips on Every Page

No more spreadsheets, random notes, or embarrassing errors

Supports Multiple Currencies

Clients can be based anywhere in the world. With Breeasy Money Pro, you can invoice your clients in 8 different currencies. Pay sub-contractors in any currency. Yes, even Bitcoin. Need more, just let us know.

Manage Your Cash

Spending your time chasing Accounts Receivable and Expense Reimbursements can be soul crushing. Invoice quickly, follow-up, and get paid. Let Breeasy Money do the brunt of the work for you.

Manage Your Business

Lots of platforms and portals can track your time - but it's only for their clients. Take control and keep your own hours and bill directly. Or, using our simple reports enter the data and keep your on records for auditing and ROI.

Every Breeasy Money subscription includes:

Track Client Billable and Non-Billable HoursTrack Internal Hours (Admin, Marketing, etc)
Easy to Use Work TimerCreate Online Invoices for Billable Hours
Track Reimbursable and Non-Reimbursable ExpensesCreate Expense Reports
Track Agency HoursTrack Accounts Receivable and Past Due Balances
Track Payments for Invoices and Expense ReportsSplit Invoice Payments
Track Expense ReimbursementsTrack Consultant Payments
Multi-CurrencyCreate Time Sheets for Agency Approval
Track Revenue by Client, Agency, UserTrack Revenue by Month, Year-to-Date, Total
Create Custom Reports by ClientSupports Sub-Contractors and Employees
Safe, SecureEasy and Accurate
User Defined Roles for Admins, Consultants, and ClientsIndependent Reporting
Data is yours - take it with youCreate Projects for Enhanced Detail
Fixed Rate Project SupportInvoice Projects by Completion rate
Track time by LocationManage Driving Expenses
Easy to Resend Invoices and Expense ReportsEasy to Edit/Update
Approve Hours and Expenses with EaseDay, Week, Client, Agency Views
No Software to InstallNo Software to Maintain or Upgrade
Easy to Use and setup with Our WizardUnlimited Support (with paid plans)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. No matter what.

Choose the right plan for your business

Not sure which plan is for you? See our recommended plans

  • Basic
  • Manage projects with ease
  • $24.95/mth
    • Work with up to 3 Clients
    • 1 Agency
    • Single User
    • Ideal for New Freelancers
    • No Limits
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  • Pro
  • Manage multiple gigs
  • $49.95/mth
    • Work with up to 10 Clients
    • Manage up to 3 Agencies
    • Up to 3 users
    • Perfect for small teams or individuals
    • No Limits
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  • Ultimate
  • For teams and large projects
  • $99.95/mth
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Clients
    • Unlimited Agencies
    • No Limits
    • Grows with You - Best Deal!
  • Buy Now

*No Limits refers to limitations of the Free Option

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