Consultants are seemingly everywhere nowadays. You've worked for a few companies over the years, and are an established professional. You decided to set out on your own, and your clients, perhaps including your former employer, willing to pay for your services. You've got a few gigs under your belt, and you can see the opportunity for more down the road. Your clients are used to dealing with professional service providers and demand accuracy and timeliness. You don't have time to create speadsheet invoices and expense reports.
Clients are fussy, some want weekly invoices, some monthly. You want to invoice for monthly retainers and apply work hours to them. With our Pro plan, you can do it all and keep your sanity. Plus you'll get all the support you need from Breeasy to set yourself apart and earn referrals. The easiest marketing you'll ever do.

Recommended Plan

  • Pro
  • Manage multiple client professionally
  • $49.95/mth
    • Work with up to 10 Clients
    • Manage up to 3 Agencies
    • Up to 3 users
    • No more spreadsheets!
    • No Limits
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All of plans include a 30-Day no hassle money back guarantee. Or if your looking for something that supports fewer clients and users, check out the Basic Plan.

Still not sure? You can always start with our risk free Free Account option. There are limits, but a credit card is not required and you can upgrade when you're ready.