Contracting can be a great way to be independent, stay busy, and work with great clients. Your recruiter, staffing agency, technical services firm, or placement company handles the marketing and client relationships, bills the client, and handles all the details. You provide excellent work and need to track your hours and submit them, either to the agency or client, and that's where Breeasy Money comes in. Independently track your hours in Breeasy Money, and easily create a report that can be entered into your services firm system, or emailed to your client. Importantly, you control and own all your information and always have a record of the work you have done.
Breeasy Money also helps you manage expenses which can be reimbursed by your services firm, or client.

Recommended Plan

  • Contractor
  • Manage assingments with ease
  • $24.95/mth
    • Work with up to 3 Clients
    • 1 Agency
    • Single User
    • Best option for new contractors
    • No Limits
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This plan makes it easy for you to work with multiple clients within the same agency. It's backed by our unlimited support, and has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Just getting started with your first contract gig? Why not start with our Free Account option. There are limits, but a credit card is not required and you can upgrade when you're ready.