Executive and Individual

Tracking expenses in the business world is nothing new, and as an employee you may need to track your hours. Even if it's not required, knowing where you spend your time can offer insights and offer lot's of detail on how you spend your day. If you must track hours, keeping an independent accounting is alway a good idea.
Of course, we got your expenses covered. Perhaps you have expenses that are not reimbursable, or you maybe curious on your mileage to and from work. Or you would like insight into the projects you manage and keeping them on budget. Breeasy Money has a solution for you.

Recommended Plans

  • Free
  • Track Hours and Expenses
  • No Credit Card Required
    • 1 Company
    • 1 User
    • Expense Management
    • Single Currency
    • Various Item Monthly Limits
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  • Executive
  • Track Billable and Non-Billable Time
  • $24.95/mth
    • Work with up to 3 Companies
    • Expense Management
    • Single User
    • No Limits
    • Track time and expenses with ease.
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