Freelancing is where it all begins. Maybe you left the traditional workforce due to a life event, or are just tired of the day-to-day grind and want set out on your own. You've got a great skill set, but someone else always took care of the billing side. This is now your main income source, and juggling projects and clients can be confusing and time consuming. Your clients love your work, and now you can impress them even more with accurate time-based invoices, fixed rate projects, and timely expense reports. All without spreadsheets.

Recommended Plan

  • Freelancer
  • Manage projects and clients with ease
  • $24.95/mth
    • Work with up to 3 Clients
    • 1 Agency
    • Single User
    • You're busy. Let Breeasy handle the details
    • No Limits
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Maybe your on a platform that requires you to invoice through them? Nothing you can do about that. But it's your time and what happens if you leave that service? Keeping track of important information on your own gives you more control and independence. With Breeasy, your data is yours, you can take it with you.
Don't forget about support. Free is awesome, but with our paid plans, if you got a question on how to do anything, you can call us and we'll walk you through it.

Still not sure? You can always start with our risk free Free Account option. There are limits, but a credit card is not required and you can upgrade when you're ready.